Bright. Future.

We instill discipline and direction into planning for your future.

Access full wealth management services

Ohanesian / Lecours offers a wide range of wealth management solutions to meet your needs, whether you are looking to preserve wealth, grow assets, minimize taxes, or establish a legacy. All these objectives are grounded in one overarching goal: call it retirement planning or something else, it all comes down to making sure you have enough money to enjoy your life at every life stage.


Gain confidence

Knowledge is the cornerstone of confident investing. By intimately understanding both your assets and your goals through careful assessment, we establish a relevant and realistic plan to meet your needs. This customized plan, coupled with consistent market and asset alignment, enables you to gain a comfort level with your finances.


Maintain a steady income stream

Planning does not stop once you settle into a new routine. You need to continue to stay a few steps ahead so that your lifestyle as well as your legacy goals remain intact. Establishing and maintaining a steady cash flow requires upfront planning as well as vigilant monitoring of evolving markets and your objectives.

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